Belated first impressions

From the moment we touched down and I saw the wild, 20 foot tall, pampas grass and the red earth, I knew we had arrived somewhere special.
We have been here for just over 5 weeks now, in the 15th floor of a 40 storey apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the skyscrapers of Panama City. I am writing down some of my first impressions before we move to our house in the outskirts and I forget them.
It is amazing how quickly you get used to seeing frigate birds, pelicans, vultures and egrets everywhere on a daily basis. I am used to seeing these creatures with some kind of soundtrack and a David Attenborough voice-over, so it is very nice to see them in their natural environment. It is lovely to see how abundant they are here, not rare, not ‘special’, just part of the scenery.
Each morning the little single person fishing boats go out to sea from the small houses beside our apartment. They are very quickly surrounded by all the birds mentioned above – slightly more exotic than the seagulls I am used to! In fact, I get quite excited now when I see a seagull instead of a frigate bird.


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