The Hand of Fate?

Ever since I’ve had internet access at home, I’ve been obsessed with the Panama Canal, to the extent of regularly logging on to the webcams on the canal website to watch ships transit through. That is over 10 years of boat watching! It has felt like fate in some ways to actually get to live here and get to visit it whenever I want. Here is a pic of a Panamax container ship going through Miraflores locks to give you some idea of the scale of everything. The canal currently has three sets of locks linking the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean 50 miles or so south. Each set of locks consists of two ‘lanes’, one for ships travelling south, and one for north. It is currently being expanded to create a third ‘lane’, even wider than the current two, so that the newest, biggest ocean liners can pass through. The current locks are 110 feet wide. The new ones will be 180 feet wide and a new Panamax – the size of the largest ships that can transit the canal – will be created.


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