Wildlife in and around our garden

Since moving in, I have seen two hummingbirds, an agouti (large capybara-like mammal), a flock of small green parrots most days, a flock of white egrets as well as lots of exotic birds such as kiskadees (a bee-eater-like medium-sized bird) and tiny jet black finches. I have seen all of these amazing creatures without even leaving the house!

Here is a pair of woodpeckers on one of our fence posts – they were climbing up and down this, rooting out insects from the roughcast!

The noises at night are so exotic – we are very near a river and can hear bullfrogs which sound like extremely loud mechanical hammers – it is so difficult to believe that a live animal can make these noises. Lying in the bath at night, listening to all the frogs and crickets is just bliss.

Here is a very tame cricket my daughter found – it became very attached to her, crawling up and down her arm for several minutes!

Quite a few mornings we have been woken up by a very noisy tropical bird right up on our window ledge! Sometimes when I open the blinds and see the brightly coloured birds flitting about our windows and garden, I really feel like Snow White, as if I am in a fairy tale surrounded by tame creatures. I didn’t know it was possible anymore for wild creatures to live so closely to humans with almost no fear.


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