Spectacular Panama Sunset

There was a pretty nice sunset here the other day. With Panama being so near the equator, the sunsets are normally nothing like as spectacular or as long-lasting as they are back in the West of Scotland. This one gave Scotland a good run for its money though!

Whilst looking at this picture you should try to imagine the deafening sound of birds, crickets and frogs that we hear every night around this time. After nightfall the crickets are so loud, I often think I am developing tinnitus, until I remember where I am, and that this sound is completely normal, humdrum even, here in the outskirts of Panama City.


5 thoughts on “Spectacular Panama Sunset

  1. Hi,
    My wife and I along with two friends departed on a cruise from colon, Panama this past March. On our way we stopped and stayed at the home of my wife’s uncle who lives in Casa Viejo, Panama City. We spent two days there (4 total) each side of our trip and marveled at the beauty of Panama, as well as the poverty. Stumbled across your blog via Helium on facebook. Ive enjoyed reading your blog.

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