San José

The above pictures were all taken in the grounds of our hotel, which was very glamorous indeed. San José itself was very “earthy” compared to Panama City. I had heard so much about Costa Rica being like an Americanised, more tourist-friendly version of Panama and it was not at all that way in my experience. A very interesting trip though, and the people were just as friendly, if not more, as the Panamanians.

We took the children to a world-class “Museo por los niños” – “Children´s Museum”, housed in an ex-prison. There was so much to do there we could have stayed the whole day. Regrettably I forgot to put my memory card in my camera, so I missed capturing my toddler´s very first time sitting in a helicopter.

The museum had many fascinating exhibits on the human body, the solar system, electricity – everything under the sun really! In the gardens were the aforementioned helicopter, an aeroplane and a train, all of which the children were allowed to play in, including sitting in the cockpits. This made a very refreshing change from the UK, where the children are requested to “Not touch the exhibits”. Being able to sit at the controls of these machines allows their imaginations to fly.

I managed to save some pictures to the internal memory of my camera. Here is the castle-like exterior of the museum:

And this is the “Boleteria” – ticket booth. Notice the claw scraping the left hand side of the window – I think this might be a last prisoner trying to escape!


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