Wildlife of Suburban Panama City

I spotted this crocodile just round the corner from our house, lying on the river bank. This river is 50 feet from our (fenced-in!) back garden! We stopped the car and hurried to get pictures, while keeping the children a safe distance. A nice contrast between this one and the caged beasts of the Costa Rica zoo, this croc jumped into the water with a splash and swam away when my husband and toddler approached, leaving behind a large lizard whose life we probably saved.
Boa constrictors live around this river too, so hopefully I’ll be able to add a picture of one of them to this blog one day.

We went on to Ancon hill where the children and my husband saw a green and black poison dart frog at close quarters. The poison dart frogs of Panama City are not as venomous as the legendary ones of the Darién Gap – a dart rubbed over the back of one of these contains enough venom to kill a human for a year after the rubbing. Natives live in the forests of Darién to this day and still use the blowpipe method of hunting. Incredible to thing this is all going on tens of miles from our house.

Then my daughter found two giant, and I mean giant millipedes. It seems it is impossible for her to leave the house without finding one of these creatures. These ones had yellow spots at the edge of each segment making them look ultra-creepy!


4 thoughts on “Wildlife of Suburban Panama City

  1. I can so relate. I grew up in South Florida and we had roaches the size of mice and it didn’t matter how great your house was. They always found their way inside! And we had alligators and iguanas in our yards all the time. And water mocs.

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