Panamá La Vieja

Panamá La Vieja is the oldest part of Panama city. Situated on the Pacific coastline, it comprises a large collection of ruined buildings, complete with an impressive tower which we climbed. From here you get a fabulous panoramic view – from the skyscrapers of the Punta Paitilla, to the boats out at sea, right round to the lush green hills behind the city.

This is where the original settlement at Panama City used to be, before it was destroyed (almost!) by Henry Morgan and his band of pirates. Apparently there is still plenty of buried treasure to be found in Panamá, especially on the islands off the coast. We decided to take the children to Panamá La Vieja as they have been learning about this during their Spanish lessons at school – not surprisingly this topic has captured their interest!

There are a lot of little artisan’s shops around this area, some of which have quite spectacular signs. I’m not sure whether this is a frog, beetle or some kind of frog-beetle hybrid, but it certainly is beautiful:


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