The Best Views from Panama City

For the best views from Panama City, head out to Ancon Hill in the Canal Zone. This area is gated and under armed guard – so welcoming! The hilltop is secured and locked every afternoon at 4pm so if you arrive later than say, 3.20pm, the guards will not let you drive up. It was also quite difficult to find – it took us three days over two consecutive weekends to finally make it – but make it we did!

The flag of Panama at the top of Ancon Hill can be seen for miles around – usually with a large flock of vultures circling around ominously.

At the start of our trip we spotted a car transporter ship just past Miraflores locks, which are near our house. We next saw it from the top of Ancon Hill, sailing under the Bridge of the Americas.

There are lookout points around the summit as well as many beautifully painted benches. Unlike benches back home in Britain, these have not been vandalized – it’s amazing what the presence of a few armed guards can achieve!

This is a fantastic place to come to get views for miles around. Here is the view from Ancon Hill to the tip of the Amador Causeway – a string of islands created with the excavations from the creation of the Panama Canal, now linked together by a road.

And here is the view down onto the skyscrapers of la Punta Paitilla:

During this daytrip I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of two monkeys jumping through the trees. I blinked and they were gone.

Ancon Hill is also home to rather an impressive communications mast – well I liked it anyway!

So, as you can see, there is something for everyone up here – the boat lover, the bench enthusiast, the skyscraper aficionado…over and out from Ancon Hill, Panama City.


3 thoughts on “The Best Views from Panama City

  1. Ancon hill is certainly something not to be missed and the views of the surrounding area are spectacular. The infamous buccaneer Henry Morgan used it in 1671 to scope out the area in his famous sacking and pillaging of the old city.

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