Mutant Fruit: Would You Eat This?

The Qatermass Experiment?

We saw this repulsive looking fruit on our recent trip to Panama’s Summit Zoo. It was slimy and had what appeared to be snapped-off tentacles all over its skin. To me it looks like the result of a scientific experiment gone badly wrong – just looking at this picture makes me shudder. I’m sure it tastes delicious, but we weren’t brave enough or crazy enough to try. Would you have been?


3 thoughts on “Mutant Fruit: Would You Eat This?

  1. Thanks for the info Lydia. Needlessless to say I didn’t smell it! We did see the tree the fruit was from but the picture wasn’t clear enough for me to use in my blog. Very interesting to hear it has medicinal use.

  2. What you are looking at is the fruit of the Noni bush which actually grows to tree size. Wonderful medicine this Noni- detox and calms the blood pressure. Some people even claim it has helped them survive cancer. It smells horrible when ripe but its benefits are numerous.

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