Parrot invasion

This is the scene in my back garden right now. The neighbourhood parrots are devouring the sunflower seeds we put out for them. The feeder was full to the brim this morning with maybe 1kg of seeds. It is truly awesome to see these emerald green birds at such close range. The chattering they make is quite deafening. Whenever we put food out, we are guaranteed this sight (and sound). Very special.

At times there can be as many as 40 parrots. They visit for 2 hours and the feeder is cleaned out! They are lovely to see, but sometimes I wish they would let the tiny finches get a look-in… We also have a hummingbird feeder, so we frequently have both parrots and hummingbirds at the same time. As I write this, they have just finished all the food, and the garden is now eerily quiet. They took what they wanted, and now they’ve gone!


7 thoughts on “Parrot invasion

  1. I am currently house sitting in Potrerillos Arriba in Chiriqui province and it’s a birder’s paradise here. And parrots? We’ve got them in spades. Right now a huge flock is screaming in the trees on the eastern side of the property. In the evening they fly across the sky and settle in the trees to the west. They certainly DO raise a racket.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I was born in the Zone in 1951, left Panama in 1955, and had the fortunate experience to visit as an adult in 1999. My goal is to retire in Panama, although the economy in the States has pushed that date back considerably. At any rate, I enjoy reading anything you care to post.

    1. Corinne,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment – it’s great for me to think of a native-born Panamanian enjoying my blog. I think Panama would be the perfect place to retire to, but it certainly isn’t as cheap to live here as the press would have you believe! We love living here, as you can probably tell… 🙂


  3. That is amazing! It must be a beautiful sight. We recently spent 8 nights in Panama. We saw as much as we could possibly see in that time frame. We plan to visit several times before we decide if we want to retire there. We enjoyed the city very much. But it was very hot!!! We felt like we might like the San Francisco area. It seemed to have more of a breeze to counter the heat.

    I enjoyed your post about the Taxi ride. We were warned by a friend to never catch a cab in Panama that has the window rolled down. I guess your story reinforces that!

    Thanks, I am enjoying your posts. Gretchen

    1. Great to hear from you Gretchen!
      Panama is hot which I do enjoy, but not everyone feels the same. San Francisco has the same kind of feel as Panama City but the climate is easier to deal with.
      What an exciting decision to have to make!
      I hadn’t heard that tip about not getting in taxis which have their windows rolled down, but I guess it makes sense based on my experiences!

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