Coral Princess

Coral Princess approaching Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

The other morning I was dropping my husband off to work when we spotted this enormous cruise liner, the Coral Princess, heading towards Miraflores Locks. I took this with my phone, so it may not be the best quality, but I think it gives some idea of the scale of the ship. Believe me, it was enormous – I checked the stats online and this beauty is 975 feet long, weighs 88000 tons, has 6 bars, 3 swimming pools and a 9 hole putting green!

The Coral Princess is travelling to the right while the white pick-up truck is heading left. This picture was taken just one mile from our house. At home we can actually hear the ships sound their horns as they go through the canal.

The main road from our house to Panama City runs parallel to the canal, with the Panama Railroad between the two. A mile further down is Marcos A Gelabert Airport. So, within 2 miles of our house we have practically every conceivable method of transport.

Here is a link to a little video I took of this ship, as it pans to the right you can see the Miraflores Locks visitor centre.


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