Walk on the Wild Side

Today I went for my first walk alone since moving to Panama. I wasn’t sure how far I would be able to go in the heat with a backpack. I managed pretty well and walked a couple of miles from my door. The wildlife and plant life I saw was fabulous.

Three crocodiles, one of which I got pretty close to before it jumped into the water. It dived under then resurfaced a few minutes later and watched me from the water with a beady malevolent eye. I don’t think it was pleased with my disturbing its sunbathing session. After the crocodile swam away there was a rapid straight movement across the river – a Jesus lizard running from bank to bank!

Crocodile at Clayton, Panama

Further up the hill and a keel-billed toucan flew out right in front of me with a piece of fruit in its bill. It looked like one of the smaller pieces of fruit from this amazing tree.

Palm fruit, Clayton, Panama

Banana tree, Balboa, Panama

Then past the above banana tree on up to the lake at the top of the hill where I disturbed an iguana and several smaller lizards to sit on a bench and read my book in the hot sun with the scent of warm pampas grass surrounding me.

Lake at Balboa, Panama

After that, a nice stroll home in the rain, thunder and lightning and a final croc sighting – this time a baby on the bank. Not a bad little walk…


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