Spanish Cannon, Camino de Cruces

Spanish Cannon, Camino des Cruces, Panama

This cannon can be found overlooking the highway that runs through the Gamboa rainforest north of Panama City. It is situated on the “Camino de Cruces”, a paved path built by the Spaniards in the early 16th century, long before the Panama Canal was even dreamed of.
This path across the isthmus linked the Pacific to the Atlantic for the first time. It was used by the Spanish to transport Peruvian gold from South America to the Caribbean.
The cannon was placed at a strategic point enroute to protect their haul from marauding bandits (although it could be argued that the conquistadors were marauding bandits themselves…).
It has been left to gather moss, or the Panamanian equivalent, which makes it look like the wonderful relic from a bygone age it is.


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