Cruise Ship Oceana traverses Miraflores Locks

We were lucky enough to be passing Miraflores locks just as an enormous cruise ship, the Oceana, was approaching. Here she is sailing behind the sluice gates of the Panama Canal.

We hurried to the visitor centre to get a grandstand view of her entering the Locks. It was well worth it as you can see!

The boats are guided by miniature trains called ‘mules’ which run on tracks alongside the lock. This is one of Oceana’s mules.

The next panorama photo gives a good idea of the amazing length of this ship. Apparently this 11-storey giant is classed as a ‘mid-size’ cruise ship by P&O. The mind boggles.

As the boat passed the viewing areas, the crowd shouted out ‘Uno, dos, tres – BIENVENIDOS EN PANAMA’, which was really exciting to hear.

And finally, an HD video of the Oceana entering Miraflores locks.

Cruise Ship Oceana entering Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal from Panamajama on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Oceana traverses Miraflores Locks

  1. Miraflores Locks, I was there.The ships manuvering through the canal. It is an amazing scene, not to mention the beauty surrounding these locks. Every time, I come to our site-makes me want to revisit there one day. It is beautiful.

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