Nature on our doorstep

I tried out my new camera on some visitors to our back garden. See what you think. They are pretty mischievous characters I think you’ll agree.

And after the parrots flew away, this beautiful bright beetle arrived on the patio. I just missed getting a fantastic shot of it flying away. Never mind, maybe next time!

Ground doves are frequent visitors to our garden. These pretty birds are extremely dim-witted and fly into our windows regularly, even though our windows have bars on them.

We are lucky enough to have hummingbirds visit our feeder every day!

Unfortunately since the new year I have seen only two toucans, but hopefully they will come back more regularly so I can get a decent picture of them to show you. After the December floods, the banks on our local river shifted, causing the crocodiles to move somewhere else. I am worried that the river changing might have changed the environment for the toucans and perhaps they have moved on too. We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Nature on our doorstep

  1. Hi again Ren, I will be covering some of these points in posts to come – hope you enjoy them! Please let me know your email if you want more info.

    Thanks and best regards xx

  2. Hello PanamaJama!

    I found your blog on ExpatBlogs and I really enjoyed reading it. I am moving to Panama in the June/July months from Buenos Aires, and I was hoping perhaps you could give me some tips; for instance, what are the nicest areas to live in, city-living vs. the suburbs, shuttling from home/school etc, where you’d recommend going for some down-time, and what kind of activities are offered (cycling, water-sports, etc.)… The all important questions before a move, really? 🙂
    Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon, and I’ve now bookmarked your blog as preparation for our own move to Panama.
    Thanks heaps!

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