Anteater Antics

Another school holiday, another trip to Summit Zoo with the children! Just 10 miles along the canal from Panama City, this zoo contains a very friendly and inquisitive anteater. This creature could not wait to investigate my camera at close range.

Extreme close up!


5 thoughts on “Anteater Antics

  1. I know! It was a really cheeky creature. What I really like about this zoo is that there is hardly anything separating the animals from the humans so you can get really close.

  2. Hello!

    I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago when I was trying to find some info on Panama. I really enjoy your pictures and reading your comments. It has a very personable feel to it; like I know you!
    My husband and three small children are coming for a visit near the latter part of March and I was hoping to pick your brain in regards to some necessities to bring (for example, a stroller for our littlest one – he’s 19 months now). We’re actually coming not only for a vacation but to see if Panama is perhaps a place we’d like to live. We’ve been considering it for some time now and thought we’d really get going on it if we’re going to. We live in Canada (we’re from here) and just want a change. A new experience! My husband works overseas so we can really live anywhere. Anyways, I’ve blabbed long enough! If you have a spare moment, I would really appreciate a note back. Thank you so much and enjoy your weekend!


    Sara Alton

    1. Hi Sara, great to hear from you and so glad you like my blog!
      Panama is pretty much a great place to live, but you might struggle unless you have Spanish. My Spanish is progressing extremely slowly and not many people in the shops etc speak English, contrary to what we were expecting.
      Another major hurdle is that they have no proper postal service, so you will need a MailBoxes etc account – something our ‘Relocation’ company omitted to tell us!

      Hope that is a bit helpful and that you enjoy your visit in March,

      Love xx

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