Amador Causeway – The Place to Relax in Panama City

Amador Causeway is a very popular place to hang out in Panama City. A scenic stretch of road created with excavations from the construction of the Panama Canal, this causeway links a string of small islands and stretches out into the Pacific Ocean with spectacular views in every direction. Refreshing sea breezes cool you down as you look out across the bay to the skyscrapers of Punta Paitilla. People come here to roller skate, cycle, walk their teeny tiny dogs – a bit like Central Park by the sea!

Amador is a fantastic vantage point to watch massive ships going under the Bridge of the Americas at the entrance to the Panama Canal. If you are a birdwatcher, you will enjoy seeing the many pelicans diving for fish, as well as frigate birds, cormorants and the anhinga, similar to a cormorant but larger and with a longer neck. There are several pretty decent child-friendly restaurants where you can try the local speciality, grilled corvina, a Pacific fish similar in taste and texture to Sea Bass – delicious. You can sail to various islands, including Isla Taboga which is approximately an hours scenic boat ride from Amador. Of which more in a later post.

The Frank Gehry designed Museum of Biodiversity is currently under construction at one end of the causeway. Although due to be completed this year, it still has a way to go, as you can see here. I hope they hurry up and finish it as it looks like it would be a fantastic place to have a coffee!


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