On the Trail of the Trogon

This weekend we took the children walking in Parque Nacional Soberiana, a nearby tropical forest with many different woodland walks. As it was the afternoon, we weren’t really expecting to see much as the wildlife is most active between 6 and 8 am. The trail provided stunning views of the forest canopy.

As we walked, we heard the exotic calls of a tropical bird which turned out to be a female Trogon, an exotic bird from the same family as the Quetzal. I tried to take pictures, but my camera was running low on batteries (my fault!) and wouldn’t focus on the bird, most frustratingly choosing to focus on the tree behind it. After a few minutes, along came the male, resplendent in his feathered finery. I managed to get a picture of him, and isn’t he beautiful?

Further along the trail, we came across this Ant Metropolis, right beside and in some cases, actually on the path! I wonder how many ants must be living in this Grand Canyon-like construction?


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