Howler Monkeys, Pipeline Road

We were lucky enough to both hear and see howler monkeys during a late afternoon walk along Pipeline Road the other day. The noise was just uncanny. If we hadn’t known that this area was famous for its howlers, it would have been very frightening. The word howling just does not convey what these monkeys were doing – they sounded like demons from the fiery pits of Hell! I took a video – no monkeys to be seen in this unfortunately, but worth a look just to hear this extraordinary noise.

Howler Monkeys, Pipeline Road, Panama from Panamajama on Vimeo.

They carried on making this awesome racket for maybe 20 minutes, after which we headed home. On the way back along Pipeline Road we spotted long-limbed monkeys climbing in the huge spreading tree above our heads. These turned out to be the howler family getting ready for their bed! We watched as six or seven monkeys each selected a fork in the branches in which to lie, their tails curled around the fork to grip. They then settled down and went to sleep. What a privilege it was to see them in their ‘bedroom’. Here is one of the howlers having a good look at us and our own little monkeys!


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