Azuelo Peninsula Vacation

Staying in Casa de Mango, an amazing beautiful house in the grounds of Eco Venao resort overlooking the Pacific at the southern most tip of the Azuelo peninsula. Woken up this morning by the sound of the howler monkeys in the trees beside our house.


Power cut last night in the restaurant just as we were sitting down to dinner, power still off today, wondering if it will ever come back on during our week’s stay here.

It is a beautiful resort though, with, unexpectedly, many species of crab. There are amazing amounts of fiddler crabs just outside our house, bright blue with orange claws.


And on the beach last night, my daughter was pinched by the hermit crab she was examining. She was screaming and screaming, as the inch long crab gripped her thumb and held on like a bulldog. I tried to pull it off, but it was latched on so tight, my daughter screaming, ‘don’t pull, don’t pull’. Then I remembered my can of Off! insect repellant in my waistband, took it out, sprayed the hermit, which, after three seconds of this treatment, released its grip and fell, motionless, onto the sand. My daughter, ‘is it dead, I really hope it isn’t dead!’. Hermit crab starts walking away, like nothing has happened. Best possible outcome for this family of nature lovers.

So many crabs on this beach, large hermits, and sand crabs, which live in large, deep holes, and leap out as if they have been catapulted, right at your feet, making us all scream and jump out of our skin!

The restaurant cat followed the children home to Casa de Mango last night, and slept on my son’s bed, which was a big thrill for him. It stayed in our house all night.

Round the corner from Casa de Mango is a Pirate Ship. We followed the signs to this, not sure what to expect, would it be a real ruined pirate ship? Would it be a replica? This is what we found:


A fabulous hand-constructed children’s playground, complete with real ship’s wheel and two hoistable flags – a Jolly Rodger for when you are feeling like a mean pirate, and a flag covered with love hearts, for when you just want to spread the love around.

Off to try out a new beach today which is meant to be very child friendly, so here’s hoping.

Now, should I drag the family off to the tour of the laboratories where they study the life cycle of the tropical tuna? I think yes.


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