Crazy Crustaceans

I have never seen so many crabs as on our Pedasi vacation. From the blue and orange shiny shelled land crabs, right outside our holiday house (and at point, even inside a kitchen cupboard – yikes!), to the balled up masses of hermit crabs and their babies on the beach, by way of large darting orange crabs which leapt out of holes as we ran along the beach, it was a holiday for the crab aficionado.

This one is so much like Spongebob’s crabby sidekick, it is quite uncanny!

Fiddler Crab at Pedasi, Panama

Orange beach crab, Pedasi, Panama

I spent a long time (too long!) lying down on the sand with my camera, snapping at crabs in the distance. Here is a Hermit Crab making its way along La Playa Bonita, an idyllic cove near Pedasi in the Azuelo Peninsula.

Hermit crab walking, La Playa Bonita, Pedasi, Panama

I watched one orange crab for a long time – it was coming out of its hole and running along the beach with sand, then patting it into a neat pile. I presume it was building a nest or den. It certainly was super-busy. I got a good video of this busy critter:

Fiddler Crab Nest Building on La Playa Bonita, Pedasi, Panama from Panamajama on Vimeo.

I think they were actually a kind of fiddler crab, as one claw was significantly bigger than the other, as you can see in this picture.
Fiddler crab, Pedasi, Panama


2 thoughts on “Crazy Crustaceans

  1. What fun to see these photos! They bring back happy memories of watching the crabs at Santa Clara. I spent hours watching them. (Have you ever rolled olive pits down the sand and watched these little fellows chase them?)
    We had many of the land crabs, too, at certain times of the year–but they scared me, they were so large. (If I’d found one in the house I think I might have run quickly in the opposite direction!)

    Hope all is well with you and your family,
    Gail (ex-Aguadulcena)

    1. Hi Gail, thanks for your lovely comment. I have never seen so many crabs in one place in the whole of my life as on this beach! The Fiddler was really funny to watch, and I will definitely try them out with olive pits next time. Finding the land crab in the kitchen cupboard really did give me a fright! So much so that I didn’t take a picture of it. It was just the last thing I was expecting to see there. 😀

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