Coco Solo Christmas Appeal

Hello everyone! A bit of a different type of post, especially for this festive season!

The Cambio Creativo (Creative Change) team at Coco Solo, a deprived area near to Colón, have asked me to be an Ambassador for them. Amongst other things, they run educational programmes and creative classes, including art and photography, for the children and young people of this area.

Here is some information about this project:

Cambio Creativo home page

I am helping Cambio Creativo raise $4000 for the Coco Solo community by the end of the year, as well as by arranging a collection of toys, books and food for the youngsters.

My husband and I have requested that this year, instead of giving us presents, our relatives donate to this fantastic cause instead. Also, instead of buying each other a load of things we do not need, we are donating the money we would have spent on each other to this extremely worthy cause.

This community really needs your help, so it would be amazing if you could do something similar in your family, or individually. Here is the donations page, which also details how the funding will be used, including a Christmas party, soup kitchen and emergency fund.

Cambio Creativo donations page

Also, if anyone has any toys, books or non-perishable food items they would like to donate and you are near the Clayton area of Panama City, please contact me through the comments section.

Thank you so much in advance! And a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Cambio Creativo, Coco Solo!

P.S. Another excellent way to help this community is through these photographs taken by the young people of Coco Solo and available for purchase here:

Cambio Creativo Art for Sale

Here is a photograph taken, appropriately enough, by a boy named Jesus:


For more information on the background to Coco Solo, please see my previous post on the area, here:

Coco Solo: The Other Side of Paradise


9 thoughts on “Coco Solo Christmas Appeal

  1. Hello,
    Like you,i am on GV. and i say your blog is good and explicit. You tell true stories straight. Given we are from under developped countries you and i,i take it we have quite similar endeavours you and me.see you on GV. Have a nnice time. Antony

    1. Hi Antony, your blog looks great, very interesting. I’ll need to look you up on Global Voices. Thanks for your comment. I live in Panama, but am actually originally from Scotland in the UK, so my background is a little different… Thanks a lot! Jane

  2. Jane– What a worthy cause. I have some things to donate – could I bag them and drop them off to you this week? Clothing, toys.
    xo beth

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