Good to be Back

We recently returned home to Panama after a fun-filled festive break in Scotland. We had a lot of fun being wined and dined by family and friends over Christmas and New Year, with the added satisfaction of knowing we would be returning to the Panamanian Dry Season – ‘el verano’, summer.

Glasgow Transport Museum, AKA the Riverside

Arch in the Burrell Collection, Glasgow
Arch in Burrell Collection, Glasgow

We had a fabulous time in Scotland, but it was lovely to return to 30 C plus temperatures every day, usually made bearable by a refreshing breeze. Trips to Amador Causeway and the Discovery Rainforest Center the first weekend we were home gave us sightings of a large, elderly, battle-scarred Puffer Fish in the harbour, dozens of hummingbirds and a large croc in the lake at the rainforest. The crocodile definitely was monitoring us – we watched its eye and nose surface, then it would go under water again, resurface ten feet further on and give us the beady eye again. Fortunately the crocodiles here in Panama are not super aggressive like those of Australia, but I still wouldn’t take any chances with them!

Elderly Puffer Fish in the harbour at Amador Causeway

Fuzzy pic of a hummingbird at Discovery Rainforest Center

I have a nice video of the puffer and the hummingbird, which I will publish shortly.


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