Gallery of Gamboa Views

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  During the carnival celebrations, we headed the opposite way from the action in Panama City, and found ourselves at the restaurant overhanging Lake Gamboa.

  Many times we have turned around and driven straight back over the bumpy bridge (an ancient, rickety railway bridge) due to a preponderance of buses and coaches. But today, presumably thanks to all the partying in the city, it was muy tranquilo, so we stayed, had a nice lunch and admired the wildlife while we ate.

  Here is a slide show of just a little selection of what we saw. We were not doing anything special to look for these creatures and sights, just having a nice little lunch followed by a nice little walk!

  Most of these photos were taken from this restaurant as seen in my nice wobbly panorama pic here:

Lake Gamboa from Restaurant, Panama

  If you have ever been unfortunate enough to sit through the truly atrocious film ‘The Tailor of Panama’ you may recognise it because Pierce Brosnan has lunch here. Then, if I remember correctly, he goes for a swim in the lake. We skipped the swim!

  P.S. The thing which looks like a whip against a fence was a superslim snake spotted by (who else?) our daughter.


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