Three Years Today!!!

Panama and Scotland flag entwinedThree years ago today, we touched down in the most beautiful country on this planet of ours! A country that has given our whole family so many rich experiences. A country that has encouraged all five of us to live life to its full potential. A country that has inspired all five of us to become active, fit and sporty, by sheer virtue of year round warmth, blue skies, and easy availability of activities.

We are here thanks to my husband’s job working on the canal expansion project. What an opportunity landed in our lap (or, more precisely, my husband’s inbox) that day! How could we have lived with ourselves if we had timidly turned it down? Well, thank goodness we didn’t!

My children have thrived at their all-American, super-positive school – which still reminds me of Rydell High each time I see it! Each day they have their recess/playtime outside, in the shade of an enormous gnarled old tree, frequently watched by emerald green parrots.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that we somehow, through all of life’s very high ups and extraordinarily low downs, made it to this place, which, thanks to the invention of insect repellent, really is Heaven on Earth for us, at least. Not surprisingly there are many places here named ‘Paraiso’, in English ‘PARADISE’.

Panama, you have my heart forever and ever.

Panama heart


7 thoughts on “Three Years Today!!!

  1. It is so great your family took a chance then the opportunity presented itself, very brave of you to venture so far from home. Three years on and look how lucky you are!

    1. Ha ha, yes Alex, fortunately for us! Sometimes I wonder if one of my ancestors was on that fateful expedition and maybe that is why I feel so at home here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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