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Pelican Crossing

A juvenile pelican wandered onto the road right in front of our car on Amador Causeway this afternoon. Rather daftly, I jumped straight of the car with my camera to snap away at the critter. Setting a bad example to the children! Felt my husband gently brush the car against my backside as I hit the pavement.

Pelican crossing at Amador Causeway, Panama City

Pelican crossing Amador Causeway Panama City

It walked across the road, causing all the cars to stop, in much the same way a sheep would do near Loch Lomond in my home country. It arrived at the moped hire shop, where it soon attracted a crowd.

Pelican surrounded by people, Amador Causeway, Panama City

Pelican at Cycle shop, Amador Causeway, Panama City

Here it is standing under a sign which says ‘Parrot Island’.

Pelican on Isla Perrico, Amador Causeway, Panama City

I think we were all quite worried about the pelican, as it was pretty bewildered.

Pelican on Pavement, Amador Causeway, Panama City

Just as my husband arrived back from the top of the causeway to pick me up, a man got a broom and ushered the big baby back across the road in the direction of the water.

Pelican being ushered onto road, Amador Causeway, Panama City

I had to jump into the car, as the traffic was building up behind us, but managed to see the pelican reaching the right side of the road, the bay side.

Man ushering pelican across road, Amador Causeway, Panama City

And here it is, back where it belongs! Happy ending!

Pelican back where it belongs, Amador Causeway, Panama City