Close-up Iguana at Punta Culebra

Summer 2013 Slideshow

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Backyard Beasties

From baby iguanas, through katydids, hummingbirds, even a pit viper! The variety of creatures we can see without even leaving our neighbourhood never ceases to amaze me. My daughter, the nature nut, frequently brings home one or two baby iguanas for us to see, sometimes as many as four at a time! Here she is with her friend from round the corner – his ‘n hers baby iguanas.

His n hers baby iguanas, Panama

And here is a very common sight in our house. A bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.

Baby Iguana, Panama

Luckily for us, this Pit Viper, a member of the rattlesnake family, very possibly the legendarily dangerous Fer de Lance, was not found in our backyard. But it was in our next door neighbour’s but one! Rather foolishly I went out to their yard to take some pictures of this intimidating creature. As you can see, it was coiled in a defensive/aggressive stance and ready to strike. A creature to reckon with for sure. This one ended up dead I’m afraid – sometimes it’s them or us, and if you google Fer de Lance (which I do NOT recommend), you will see that our neighbours could not take the risk of this potentially deadly beast escaping.

Fer de lance, Panama

It is still a novelty for us to see six inch long insects, such as this impressive katydid on the wall of our house, spotted, of course, by our daughter.

Katydid, Panama

If you look closely at this picture, you will see an Amazon parrot camouflaged among the greenery. This illustrates perfectly why so many of the parrots and parakeets are bright emerald green – they are virtually impossible to spot in the trees, unless you happen to see them landing. This tree is right outside our backyard, and these large parrots fly over our house, squawking in pairs, every morning and every evening as they go to and from their roosting place.

Amazon parrot from my backyard, Panama

And, to finish, some nice soothing pictures of a hummingbird at our feeder.

Hummingbird at my Feeder, Panama

Beautiful hummingbird at my feeder, Panama


Here is a wee piccie of an iganua we saw running down a tree right in front of us! It then leapt off the tree into the bushes – it seemed to be trying to catch a bird. It was lovely to see this creature in its natural habitat, not stuck inside a glass tank with an infra-red lamp.
In the wild, they move as quickly as cats – when they feel like it!