Close-up Iguana at Punta Culebra

Summer 2013 Slideshow

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Baby Sloth

We were lucky enough to see this foot-long baby sloth actually move! Climbing through the trees overhanging the shore at Amador, you can see the lethal-looking claws quite clearly in the below video.

Baby Sloth, Panama City from Panamajama on Vimeo.

Punta Culebra – A Great Place to See Sloths and Iguanas in Panama City

You are virtually guaranteed the sight of a large iguana and sloth on a visit to Punta Culebra, a Smithsonian museum outpost on Amador Causeway. This centre has a small dense forest, a beach where fiddler crabs come in breeding season along with touch pools containing starfish, sea cucumbers and other sea creatures. As well as a larger tank housing marine turtles and sharks there is a small aquarium block showcasing the fish of Panama. The other side of the aquarium block is a rocky outcrop – a great place to spot pelicans fishing and to watch the ships sailing under the Bridge of the Americas at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

My daughter, aged 6, is a nature nut, and has reliably informed me that brown iguanas are male, and green ones female. So, here is a male iguana munching on a leaf high in the trees of Punta Culebra.

And over by the touch pools we spotted this sloth mooching, luckily with its head facing the camera!

I must have been to Punta Culebra at least six times since we moved to Panama almost a year ago. On all but one occasion I have seen both an iguana and a sloth, so if you want to see these creatures in the wild, this is a great place to visit.